To whom it may concern,

I just wanted to personally thank the city and people of Eureka for helping Bushwacker's Paintball remain in the west county area. My family and I have had wonderful experiences over the past 19 years playing paintball at many of the area fields. But over the past several years, the one organization that always stood out from the rest and kept us coming back was Bushwacker's Paintball.

The owner and operator, Tim Schloss, along with his wonderful family and staff have always made the sport of paintball a safe, fun and rewarding experience. I've organized company outings at Bushwacker's on many occasions and heard nothing but great things from all who participated. Not every player's skill level allows for them to be as successful as others, but from a fun and excitement stand point they were all well rewarded.

Tim Schloss was one of the first to bring the game of paintball to the St. Louis area. His knowledge and experience as a professional player, store owner and field manager, as well as his confident yet calm, respectful demeanor, inspires peak performance in his staff of motivated professionals and his sense of humor often brings a day of paintball to a successful conclusion with his clientele wanting to come back for more. Tim takes safety very seriously and provides his clients with top quality, well maintained rental equipment, which is important to his clients and is one of the main reasons why moms and dads organize many birthday outings and local high school charitable events at the fields.

As a father, I have introduced my daughter and son, as well as dozens of friends and relatives to this exciting game. I find there is a great deal of bonding and learned trust and respect when others work together as a team to accomplish their goals. Nowhere else can you bring together people of various ages, athletic skill levels and personalities to achieve the fun, excitement and sense of accomplishment as with paintball. I especially love the faces of the younger players when they find that working as a team builds a sense of self worth. They quickly find that taking ownership of their positions within the "TEAM" is what brings success.

Please accept this letter as sincere thanks to the city and people of Eureka for allowing such wonderful people as the Schloss family to continue to serve the community with such a fun and exciting form of entertainment as Bushwacker's Painball.


Tom Mungenast
Production Manager

E-mail: info@gatewaypaintball.net

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